Rotating Book Van

The library is pleased to announce, we are now part of the North Central Kansas Library System’s Rotating Book Van.  We will be getting our first set of books (350 books to be exact), Tuesday, March 17th.  They should be here and ready to check out shortly after we open, 1pm.  The books will check out for the normal 3 week period.  New books with arrive, and the previous books taken out, every eight weeks (2 months).

Happy Birthday to you, Dr. Seuss!

Dr. Seuss was born on this day in  1904.  Dr. Seuss’s real name is Theodore Seuss Geisel.  He wrote many children books which used imaginative characters and rhyme.  To learn more, check out this link:

This day has become the annual National Read Across America Day.  For more information, please visit:

Weather Closing Policies

Any time the USD #251 schools are closed for wintry weather the library will be closed. This also includes ice, blowing snow, blizzard like conditions, and arctic temperatures. This is for the safety of patrons and staff.

During severe storms or tornadoes the library will monitor the weather closely. If time to evacuate we will go to the Methodist Church at 5th and Walnut unless there is time to close the library. If no time to evacuate we will go to the bathroom on the children’s side or one of the storerooms.

Library Card and Late Fees


 Library cards are issued upon patron request with proof of identity.

Books will only be checked out on patron cards. If more than one family member has a card and one card is blocked they cannot use another family member’s card unless card holder is with patron and approves usage.

Late Fees

Effective January 1, 2015 any patron with fines of $10.00 or more will be blocked until all fines are paid and all books returned. No checkout for any library materials (books, DVD’s/VHS, magazines, etc.)

Fine Free Exceptions: School, patrons over the age of 70, hospitalization/illness, natural disaster (fire, flood, tornado) death of patron family member, board members and interlibrary loans.

Late Fee for library materials: Books 10 cents a day per book

DVD/VHS $1.00 a day per dvd/vhs (limit 5)

New Copies and Fax Policy

Copier Policy

Each single-sided copy is 10 cents.

Double-sided copy is 25 cents.

Anything printed by the patron (even if by mistake) will be paid for by the printing patron.

Free Copies as followed:

Encyclopedia articles (cannot be checked out)

Pages from a book (not allowed to be checked out)

Copies for the Township Board

Our mistake – trial and error on enlargement or reduction and paper jams

Fax Policy

To send:

1 to 5 pages: $2.00

25 cents each additional page

To receive:

25 cents per page